Friday, April 27, 2018


I am starting work on my Hutt Cartel! I have been getting things ready, but waited to have the Legion game components in hand before I got to serious about actually building my models. I can move forward with zero doubt about how things will match up now and that is very nice to have in the back of my mind while I play with these buildings especially. 

The Hutt Palace: first loose components layout... this got my head right before the actual building stages.

It turns out that the doors I am using do need to be taller, which means that I have to do some converting. Not a big deal... but it certainly would of been if I had rushed to do all of the work on just the one Hutt Palace Build, which I had most of the parts for months ago. Planning makes perfect...

I love the little details and the tech shop included in this classic set. I own two because they are going to be great for building workshops and other details such as cargo storage bays and general cool detail found around the Hutt Quarter of the city.

The Hutt Palace is the largest fortified building I am making for my Legion terrain... for now. I am making a similarly styled Hutt Garrison building which is the attached companion to the palace.

Here are examples of the large vehicles I am going to have in my Factions. Notice when you compare their relative scale the Hutt Cargo Barge is the largest vehicle that I am adding to my Legion Universe... other than the starships of course.

The good ole GW models are great for crazy conversions like the things I am going to build for my Cartel. A Hutt Skiff for cruising, and several bikes to escort their lord. There are bits to make some of my special Bodyguards and Jawa Hunters. Last but not least there are cool bits for the palace shield generator (brown garden pipe) and outer lighting (beads and jewelry fittings).


Hutt Cartel Boss out!

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