Friday, May 20, 2016


Bandai's STAR WARS Vehicle Line is gearing up for releases in 2016. I know some of us have been playing around with the idea to do an up-scaled 1/72 version of X-WING. I looked into and decided that I do not want to go that route because it is going to take up a lot of room... cause you guys know I would not buy just a few of these wonderful models.

Today I spotted the new Vehicles Range... so now I am pondering again.

Bandai did all of the large 1/1000 scale Yamato Models in this cute smaller "Vehicle Scale" so I know goodness gracious me they will do all of their STAR WARS Goodies like that too. I dunno gang this could be the real way to get a large version of X-WING on the table.

Consider this also, there are no reasonably affordable YT-1300's or Firespray-31's out there, that fit the right scale for the 1/72 fighter models. However... (uh-oh) if you went with these cute vehicle scale fighters then the 1/44 scale Falcons & Firesprays are damn near perfect size wise.

This has got me pondering... I will be watching the progression of this new vehicles range closely now I think. Damn you Wonderful Bandai...
Damn You I Sez!

Boss out!

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