Thursday, February 26, 2015


This month I had no plans to buy toys... but then Miniature Market had a sale on the whole of Wave Five for... get this $28 which with shipping got me another of each ship for $35 delivered! That cut into the money I had held back for the glory that is SCUM... but it was to good to pass up. Basically  the Wave Five deal means that I got a Decimator for $15 and also one of the Star Vipers I will be buying in a few days will be free!

Thanks Miniature Market!

I also got a very nice new set of bits from good ole Bandai for some of my new custom ship builds. Engines are a task in this scale to make them look good. The MS V 01 pack covers that very well now for several of the Large Ships I have planned in 2015.

Now to the actual grownup toys.  The star of the show this month is a new HD Web cam for videos and such for my Boss' Battle Parlor project. I checked into the C920 pretty good and it looks like it will be fine for game and chat quality videos. This thing will also make it less of a task to make nice content. The monitors are going to be awesome for editing the sound too... they are damn nice in fact.

Finally for the BBP I need to set up some wall shelving for storing the goodies that I am using during filming. Mainly the ships, tokens,  terrain, and such will go on these heavy duty racks.

It will be a nice setup, I think.

I can hang lighting and neat things like planets and other fun stuff from these shelves too. I picked up some new black drop cloths for well... the backdrops and to cover the tables I got a while back.

I am close to getting everything I need to get the BBP going... soon now!

Boss out!