Friday, November 7, 2014


FFG posted their The Galaxy's Most Wanted Part Two article and it rocks! We get to see the other half of the Scum goodies, namely Firesprays and Hawks! I love that Fantasy Flight Games had the good sense to bring these ships into the faction... it works!

Most of us love the Firesprays and the new versions of Boba and Kath are very cool... of course! What stands out for me, in almost the same glory (Ha, Ha!), are the new versions of the HWK-290.
The Crappie Ole Crow is about to become the Deadly Dark Phoenix!

I like all of these new pilots! Their abilities are designed to work perfectly with the new Illicit upgrades! These ships are not going to break the game... but they sure will make for some neat and hurtful synergies with other Scum ships. I feel the Scum HWK's are going to be a lot of fun, and see more use than their Rebel cousins.

Who knew that one of the nice support, but least favorite, low power ships in the game could become one of the coolest troublesome mid-range killers?!

Very nice work Fantasy Flight...

Scum Boss out!