Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The new Cosmo Reverse Version of Space Battleship Yamato is coming this month, and she is beautiful!

The awesome factor this kit brings to gaming is off the scale. The badass characters ships are all included with this version of the Yamato! How cool is that? VERY Cool!

I was surprised that Bandai made this new kit, and I am very happy that they did!!! For my Star Brothers that are not in the 2199 know so to speak, these new ships are the equivalents in X-WING of all Large Ships and both sets of Aces Expansions for the 2199 fleets.
The previous model sets gave us all of the cool fighters and fighter-bombers. This new set brings in the rest of the ships from the series, which allows for some absolutely thematic games!

I recommend purchasing this beauty from Hobby Link Japan.

I am very pleased that Bandai is continuing this excellent model series by adding all new special ships in repackaged variant ships kits. It is a lot like the Aces Expansions, and as a modeling gamer it makes me very happy!

Blazers Boss out!