Saturday, November 29, 2014


This month I got my storage set up a little better with a second Iris Craft Cart. These granny-racks are very nice for miniatures collections. This is the same rack system that I purchased for the Battle Parlor a few months back.

Now that I know this is an awesome rack system I got a second. The six cases are perfect for my collection. You can fit 48 small based ships on a single peg in each case. The cases are hinged and have a sturdy latch to keep them closed and keep your models immune to dust and so forth.
You can also store Large and Huge ships in these cases.  I am happy to have two of these units now; one for my STAR WARS ships, and one for my STAR TREK ships! DAT Glory!

I finally broke down and got caught up on most of the STAW Expansions this month... cause.

I have a few more ATTACK WING Expansions to get to bring my collection up to date. Since I have focused more on getting the crazy Boss' BIG Approved models in my Parlor, these ships have been waiting for me to get to them, for the official rules and tokens. I can and will use a few of them in the BBA fleets, and the rest are happily going into my Backdrop collections.

Trekkie Boss out!

Monday, November 24, 2014


FFG posted the StarViper Preview today in their Lethal Ambitions article! I love this ship!

The StarViper Expansion brings a lot of cool new options to the glory that is Scum & Villainy!

The StarViper reads like a TIE Defender-TIE Interceptor combo to me. I think this is an interesting ship that will be a lot of fun on the table.

Keep up the great work FFG!

SCUM Boss out!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The new Cosmo Reverse Version of Space Battleship Yamato is coming this month, and she is beautiful!

The awesome factor this kit brings to gaming is off the scale. The badass characters ships are all included with this version of the Yamato! How cool is that? VERY Cool!

I was surprised that Bandai made this new kit, and I am very happy that they did!!! For my Star Brothers that are not in the 2199 know so to speak, these new ships are the equivalents in X-WING of all Large Ships and both sets of Aces Expansions for the 2199 fleets.
The previous model sets gave us all of the cool fighters and fighter-bombers. This new set brings in the rest of the ships from the series, which allows for some absolutely thematic games!

I recommend purchasing this beauty from Hobby Link Japan.

I am very pleased that Bandai is continuing this excellent model series by adding all new special ships in repackaged variant ships kits. It is a lot like the Aces Expansions, and as a modeling gamer it makes me very happy!

Blazers Boss out!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


FFG posted their Wave One Preview of the STAR WARS ARMADA Expansions this week and it is glorious!!!

I love all of this Wave! It is a great start for the game, and in my firm and reasonably well educated view these ships represent the STAR WARS Universe very well. I am particularly happy about the tiny fighters being released, that is just cool!

I am all on board with STAR WARS ARMADA!

Fleet Boss out!

Friday, November 7, 2014


FFG posted their The Galaxy's Most Wanted Part Two article and it rocks! We get to see the other half of the Scum goodies, namely Firesprays and Hawks! I love that Fantasy Flight Games had the good sense to bring these ships into the faction... it works!

Most of us love the Firesprays and the new versions of Boba and Kath are very cool... of course! What stands out for me, in almost the same glory (Ha, Ha!), are the new versions of the HWK-290.
The Crappie Ole Crow is about to become the Deadly Dark Phoenix!

I like all of these new pilots! Their abilities are designed to work perfectly with the new Illicit upgrades! These ships are not going to break the game... but they sure will make for some neat and hurtful synergies with other Scum ships. I feel the Scum HWK's are going to be a lot of fun, and see more use than their Rebel cousins.

Who knew that one of the nice support, but least favorite, low power ships in the game could become one of the coolest troublesome mid-range killers?!

Very nice work Fantasy Flight...

Scum Boss out!

Monday, November 3, 2014


I managed to get my contest entry completed this week, despite rainy humid weather. Thanks again to Clint and Miniatures Market for hosting this cool event!

This was a fun build!

Boss out!