Friday, April 11, 2014


I have begun the main work on the outer-frame this week, which is the most important part really, as it will be the first layer of detailing...The Eye-candy. I have received my new supplies, and I can now continue building this monstrosity without further interruptions, which means construction is now being done in deadly earnest... Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

I have already made illustrations for the Exterior Hull Armour patterns for this month's work. These armour sections will cover most of the outer-frame. I do not like to make the modeling harder than it needs to be to achieve my goals. Scribing is fine most of the time, but not for a large model like this Destroyer Cube of mine.  I need to have deeper layers and more pronouncement in the raised edges, or everything will just get lost in the myriad details.

This image includes the basic under-pinning template for the outer hull and it's counterpart detailing templates, that will be used to complete the main construction of the outer hull.

All of these templates count as The Magic for this part of the model...Ha, Ha! The final construction will include secondary weapons and extra bits of detail. The Borg have a randomness to their construction, and the final detailing will reflect that.

I am using Plasticard for the large solid parts of the construction; .20MM to build the armour sections, and .40MM  for the base and the top of the Destroyer.

The first set of patterns are trimmed and ready to be applied.

The patterns are glued to the .20MM Plasticard and ready to be cutout. I went over them all very firmly with the crisp card edge, using the newspaper to protect them from being worn or otherwise damaged by this setting process. They will stay in place long enough to complete the cutting I think...

For some reason I have come to know this little lady as PreazieAnne, now that she is no longer a nice girl...Ha, Ha!



BORG Boss out!