Sunday, March 16, 2014


I started building The Destroyer Cube this week. This first part of the build diary represents about nine hours of hands-on work.
This time does not of course account for the many additional hours spent in laying out the base materials, and considering what would work best to achieve my goals, which amounts to mentally building areas of the model over and over again, to get it right. I always do this before actually working with the parts.

The super structure is a pair of plastic storage mini-milk-crates, which are perfect for my design. Midwest brand green PVC sheet and a nice Tamiya 4x6" display base, with my beloved little Tea-light LEDs complete the core materials.

This is the magic...Ha, Ha...everything else is just extra sparkle.

I like to see some scale indication when I look at models is a pet-peeve I suppose. The Destroyer will be about an eleven inch square when I am done.

I will be using from two to four of my Tea-lights to produce that creepy green inner-glow effect for the final model. I am not going for a lighted look, but rather an evil green glow; The Corpse-light described by professor Tolkien.

I cut a precise amount of plastic from the milk crates to make the overall superstructure fit together cleanly and to space the supports evenly.

This looks simple, and it is of course, but you have to be clear about what you are trying to achieve and you have to be mindful of what you are doing or you can very easily cut yourself.

Slow and firm shaving down of the rough saw marks left in the plastic is a time consuming process. A good Dremel tool would work faster, but I like to shave and file, because it is easy for me to control the manual hand-tools.

I am going to save much of the leftover plastic for use with some other projects.

Now the superstructure is nice and even, and the openings for the hanger-bays are ready for secondary structures to be built.


BORG Boss out!