Saturday, March 29, 2014


This month I have pretty much rounded out my Federation Fleet, with the Hallmark ornaments versions of the TOS Film Era, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager models, and I have also got my Federation Allies started with a Vulcan Command Cruiser.

 Federation & Allies

I am going to get another of these cool ships and some other Vulcan craft, as well as one or two Andorian Cruisers, for Enterprise Era games, and as general Federation Fleet allied ships for larger battles. I decided that my Dominion War Battles will not be on DS9 but rather around it. The cool little Hallmark DS9 Ornament will work perfectly as a Background Element in my ATTACK WING games, in the same way that I am using my beloved Deathstar models in X-WING. The wonderful little Federation Peregrine Attack Fighters made it to EBay this month, and since I am slowly building up for the Dominion War, I had to get a three pack of these babies!


Bringing up the rear guard this month...even more Klingons! Never count the Klingons is not a wise decision, and now they have the Flagship Upgrade too, along with the other factions included in this set of course.


Last but not least is the meager start to my Jem'hadar Attack Ships, and a nice third squad of Cardassian Fighters to even the odds with the Peregrines.

Now (Ha, Ha!) for the icing on the cake this month: BOSS' BIG APPROVED STAW BASES...Yeah Baby! I need four or five more of these, but this is a good setup...for now.

Boss out