Monday, October 21, 2013


I purchased one HWK  along with a few of the other Wave three ships this month, and sure enough, I had a few issues with The Moldy Old Crow (Ha, Ha; because I only purchased one...?).

These faults are a bit annoying, enough so to file a report with FFG. I intend to purchase three Hawks eventually. If I had purchased the three models now, and one had these problems I would of been fine with that because I am going to convert one Hawk to have different guns on the wing pods. However I am not trying to build that squad of Hawks now, I just want to play the one named model in my games, and it needs to be in top shape.

Fantasy Flight Games responded to my filed request in Warp Speed fashion. They updated the status at every point and emailed me directly twice. In less than five days I had my perfect new replacement HWK-290 model with a nice thank you note!

This company has my full support now. I liked what I have seen in videos, and read on forumes about them, but now having dealt with them directly over a small issue... I realley like these people.

Cheers FFG!

Boss out!