Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I stated last month that I had "gone a little crazy" ...well, I am still being crazy! Ha,Ha!

I think I almost have enough models and supplies in my third month of collecting, to build some fun squads and special models to really get a versatile series of thematic games set up to play with the wonderful FFG X-Wing Rules.

In the first week many of the special parts for my Boss Builds came in; including the turn table for the main body of The Alliance Strategic Command Post, and a Millennium Falcon radar dish for the sensory arrays tower that will be an interesting detail of the stations command bridge. The Revell Star Destroyer will be used for the main body of my Striker Assault Frigate and also for some of  the cool detail components of The Alliance Mark III Assault Frigate. The Millennium Falcon has proven useful here again, as the quad cannon will make for some very nice heavy lasers for the Mark III. The first batch of Micro Machines models are Escape Pods for The Command Post and some new additions to my little collection of Backdrop models.

In the second week my first Wave Three ships order came in! I got three Tie Bombers, One Tie Interceptor, and finally got my first Firespray-31 for The Empire, and my Pirate Fleet. For The Alliance I got three B-Wings, and one HWK-290.

Last month I started collecting models for future Planet-side Battles, with the purchases of four Micro Machines AT-AT and six F-Toys AT-ST for my Imperials. To compliment these wonderful models, this month I purchased twelve F-Toys T-47 Air Speeders. Now I  have some reasonably impressive ground forces for Planet-side Battles with the option of bringing in star fighters for aerial support. Of course I still need to get a game mat to represent the planet, and I may end up making some other ground models, to go all out with some crazy Hoth-style-combats.

In week three a friend surprised me with a gift certificate from Cool Stuff. I picked up a Lambda Shuttle to complete my initial purchases of Wave Three ships, and now have at least one of every new ship. As a fun aside, yes my shuttle's wings do work fine!

This months final Ebay purchases are all Backdrop Models. To go with the Micro Machines I got in week one, I found both the New Hope and ROTJ Death Stars! These little models are going to be very cool in my 3D Backdrop Environments. I want (will have) a Nebbie at full size within the next year, until then I found a lovely Nebulon-B Frigate by DeAgostini for less than $20, that in and of it's self is worthy of a happy chuckle.

I may return to sanity next month...unless of course the FFG X-Wings and Tie Fighters become available at my favorite online shops.

Boss out!