Thursday, December 29, 2016



I was a pretty good fellow this year and so I got a lot of wonderful STAR WARS X-WING; ARMADA, EPIC LAND WAR and ELDRITCH HORROR Goodies... Hurray! 

I am going to make a cool Scarif Table much like what we saw in ROGUE ONE. I am going to include extra goodies like a Star Destroyer looming over the scene suspended over the table. I love the idea of doing this for many of my EPIC Battles it is just cool to see IMO.
The Space Station Lasers boxed set has finally made it to American shops to this month... wow it only took three years gang!

I am going to have a lot of fun with these cool Technical Terrain pieces!

The cute Palm Trees set is great, and will be on my STAR WARS Scarif Table as well as my Creepy Island terrain for my Expanded ELDRITCH EXTREME Mansions Of Madness Miniatures Games!

I have expanded my Mansions Of Madness Miniatures because I need that extra flavor... it is to cool not to do. If you are into MOM I recommend that you also consider buying some of these better looking models from the Arkham Horror Collection. I rounded my Horror Goodies out perfectly this season with a wonderful Special Edition of Call Of Cthulhu. The beautiful statue is going to be used as terrain in my special Eldritch Extreme Miniatures Games, and for flavor during regular MOM Games! I decided to be cute and buy the special black game version of the Plano case many people use... it is perfect for Horror Games!

Happy Boss Out!

🌟🎅💜🎄🎀 ❗