Sunday, July 17, 2016


The 2016 Celebrations winds down with some laid back panels and some fun with the actors and Lucasfilm teams. Some people seemed to be disappointed by the lack of any last day big news releases but that is kind of how it is now with the constant flow of NEW ERA STAR WARS a few people have become spoiled and want something ridiculous at every official event. i was happy with the goodies we got and since I do not have ADD it was all a great weekend from my SWN (Star Wars Nerd) educated and chill perspective.

We even got a fun little STAR WARS ARMADA EXPANSION preview which sunk in under the noise. I did see some ARMADA Games being played on a demo table as the roaming Celebration Cam passed by a few times. Kinda fun!

We X-Wingers can expect greatness as usual from GEN CON 2016.

Happy Boss out!