Friday, November 13, 2015


I have been planning my X-WING EPIC LAND WAR Project for a while. I am going to get to it this Winter.

I have plenty of cool X-Wing EPIC ships on my table but I need to mess around with some other toys too while hunkered down in the cold... verity will keep me warm, motivated, and very happy!

I am very inspired by the recent STAR WARS COMMANDER Game and the brand new glory that is BATTLEFRONT! I love that these games do not just stay in the original films. They both have cool new environments and there are new weapons and gear that stays true to the STAR WARS Universe. That is great.
I do not play these games, but I can make my miniatures version of them just as badass... I think it is going to be very fun.

I have been buying models for this project but until recently I could not get into really working on it because I wanted GOOD Miniatures for the troops. I had planned to sculpt some but decided that was a lot of time and $$$ that I did not want to invest. Now that I have found the Dropzone Commander product range, which fits into the scale, I can happily move forward with this project.

More to come...

Boss out!