Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I made it another STAR TREK Month... and it was fun too!

I finally got that damn glorious 1/2500 scale Klingon Vor'cha! I had all kinds of X-Wing goodies to buy many times when this baby was in stock. Then when I was thinking about what to get next for my BBA STAW toys the damn thing would be out of stock. Kinda funny... I have her now and it is a fine model!
I continued to run a muck and got two of the pricey newer OP STAW ships. I added the very nice K'vort Class Pagh to the fleet as well. The Dominion was upgraded with a second Jem'Hadar Escort Cruiser and another 1/2500 scale model in the excellent Delta Quadrant Models Breen Cruiser. This one was on my radar for about a year, and it just got re-released a few months ago.
I plan to have a good little Vulcan force for my Federation Allies and so I wanted to make one of them a better than average ship with the OP Tal'Kir! The little Eldar gun bits are part of a crazy idea I have for my Species 8472 fleet.

I had to grab up a few more of these wonderful Iris Cases this month too for all of my new space babies to sleep in... lol... and I figured I might as well get a decent tripod while I was prowling on Amazon.

It was a fun collecting month. Getting two of the important Klingon and Dominion ships rocks!

Trekking Boss out.