Wednesday, May 29, 2019


I got my Colonial EPIC Fleet in great shape in the last couple of months with GALACTICA 1978 and PEGASUS 2004! The first wave of Ares BSG SSB Expansions added to the fleet too. Now my Epic BSG Games are getting better and better... I Love It!

THE BATTLESTAR GLORY shall not be denied. What started as a Late Spring Fling has become a nice Summer Romance! Late Summer and Fall are going to be even more fun!

BEAUTY and...

...The BEAST!

Happy Battlestar Collecting Boss out!

Friday, May 24, 2019


I have loved Fred Saberhagen's BERSERKER SAGA for most of my life and also enjoy it's most popular spin-off franchisesBattlestar Galactica (OLD & NEW) and The Terminator. I decided to make my own Sci-Fi Skirmish game after I began happily collecting Ares BSG SSB Game in late 2018! I am very focused on making BATTLESTAR BERSERK a crazy fun combination of the best elements from these three cool universes! 
Basically I am making a Battlestar Skirmish Game infused with Berserker and Terminator elements to provide a huge amount of diversity that was not possible in the shows and films for practical narrative and financial reasons. I am not constrained by these factors so I can go crazy and make a badass game with everything that I love innit... Babes!

I started this fun little project this year in January. Since then I have had all kinds of fun talking with my friends online as we discussed the merits of several POPS! I have found that the older Funkos look kinda silly, with bowed legs and less detailed sculpting. I have selected the nicer looking modern POPS! where possible for this project. 

All of the human figures I have purchased have good anatomy and technical detail and fit the look of The Battlestar Berserk Universe very nicely indeed.

The Mecha and Robots in general are exempt from the Nicer Looking Modern Funkos standard, because they are machines... and they look great old or new. I rather like the cute little bow-leggedness of the Cylons and similar Mech-POPS! If the machines looked as lithe as the humans it would not feel right to me.

The ideas I have for my Cylon Berserkers are just fun... mean... and very cute!

Now you know I have to build a badass Cylon Berserker Tank too! (Jim stole Fred's murderous time traveling machines ideas... so I am going to steal his Terminator Tanks!)
More To Come...

Sunday, May 19, 2019


In Preview One I talked about the Colonial Funkos in general. In tonight's article I am going to share a bit more detail on what I am doing to actually make the Pop models into Battlestar Berserk models!

Most of the great Sci-Fi Universes we know and love are character driven. The stories are made with a rich and wonderful verity of heroes and villains! In worthy Sci-Fi we can all find a few personalities to love or hate. I think that Battlestar Galactica has the most verity on offer of any popular series. We get to know every important member of the crew in both the Colonial and Cylon fleets in the series! Star Trek is the obvious equal to BSG in this regard, coming in strong with even more characters, but it has way more volume too. IMO The Original BSG and The Reimagined BSG have made  almost as great a mark on Sci-Fi with it's five televised seasons and a handful of films (I am of course including Razor and Blood & Chrome as films). That about covers my feelings on BSG goodness. I am taking this fun project of mine seriously.

I am going to make all of my Heroes and Villains... wonderful.  I many cases I am going to have to cut parts from two or three Pops to make one great Battlestar Berserk Pop. This is how you convert something into what you want it to be, and because I am building special one of a kind figures I can murder (LOL) a few fun little Funkos... and love it! 
In my next article I will cover The Cylons.

More To Come...

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Today is George Lucas' 77th Birthday. Love him or hate him he started it all and most of us love some portion of The STAR WARS Universe! That work is worth some appreciation for the man who was once a Great Jedi Knight.

REB%2BX-WING%2BT-65%2BLUKE.png   May You Feel The Force Around You George!   IMP%2BTIE%2BADVANCED%2BX-1%2BVADER.PNG

Boss out!

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Fantasy Flight has made a nice arrangement with Army Painter to produce official STAR WARS LEGION Paint Sets! I am going to buy these because I had intended to buy the 50 colors paint set from AP later this year... this is kinda fun and funny and very cool! Checkout the Bring Your Army To Life article for more details!


Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Ares Games released the first wave expansions AKA:Starship Packs this spring! By summer's end they will have the second set of Spaceship Packs available! This company is sticking to it's quarterly release schedules and that is cool. The new products are building on the foundation of the BSG SSB Starter Set and making the game better over time and that is very fun and exciting!