Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Fantasy Flight Games has Brung The Pain this week and it hurts so dam-good! If you missed it STAR WARS: LEGION (The New Miniatures Game that will kill 40k & IA) has been announced and previewed at GEN CON 2017!

I am way on board with this game and will support it with every bit of vigor that I have focused on X-Wing and EPIC! I already have a first week wave one (lol!) membership in the first STAR WARS: LEGION Facebook Group. If you intend to play this game I can highly recommend that you friends of mine come and join us there! This is a group of cool Star Brothers & Sisters with zero troll stupidity, and it has been nothing but fun to participate with these fellow Legioners!

I put together this nice collage to share some of the highlights of the imagery that has already made it to the web in this first wonderful week of happy new badass STAR WARS Miniatures Game energy. I am very pleased to see the core set will lead us off to adventure with Luke & Vader of course, but seeing Rex in there too is just delightful!
(Note: The WAVE 1 Image is fan made, but know that Alex has already confirmed that both of these models will be coming to the game soon.)


I love Little Alex again! This is a deal maker for me. If you pay attention to everything said here it is very informative. I was pretty much on board with buying this game. Now that I have seen these videos I am crazy on board with it. Alex you have annoyed me in the past with some of the things you did with X-Wing, but that is lava under the repulser lift my wonderful little Star Brother... Go Boy... Run!


Very HAPPY Legion Boss out!