Sunday, February 26, 2017


This month I was able to finally get a good number of the Wave Ten Ships to play some serious ROGUE ONE Scarif Battles. See how nice it is when the ship expansions are actually in stock? Hurray!

I happily purchased the whole of Wave Ten on the day the rest of the expansions became available! THE FORCE AWAKENS games can be done now as well as some cool STAR WARS REBELS EPIC Battles... The GLORY!!!

I snuck in a cute little Rat Thing for my MOM Games and found some wonderful in scale jungle brush that can work great with my 10MM and 30MM Miniatures. I got ahead of the game for the C-ROC Crew with that nice IA Jaba... cause!

This month enabled me to bring some nice playability to my game-tables... awesomeness!

Boss out.

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