Friday, April 29, 2016


I decided (had to) upgrade my computer this month. My loyal old DELL Inspiron finally died on me after nearly five years of service. My NEW XPS DELL is a $1,200 beast and I am happy I got her!

Like most good things it cost what it is worth, thus I am going to be paying this baby off over the next six months... so The Collection Diary is going to be more tech and less toys. Actually this new XPS is a BAMF toy.

I had to get busy this month and got much of my Spring Cleaning done to get The Command Corner of The Battle Parlor ready for the new setup which is kinda nice.

Now that I have upgraded my tech-joints I will be able to make better videos too, so the future will be a lot more fun. I have a new monitor coming in this week too and once I get that setup I will get back to making Boss Shop Videos.

New & Improved BATTLE PARLOR content coming soon My Star Brothers & Sisters... awe-shucks!

Boss out!

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