Thursday, August 6, 2015


Good ole Team Covenant posted their Alex Davy GEN CON Interview this week. Alex is always fun and interesting to listen to. This time he talked about forthcoming X-Wing, TIE Defender, and Scyk fixes. I am certain that the X-Wing buffing will be in the new EPISODE 7 Box, which we hardcore Wingers know is currently "on the water", under a veil of deadly secrecy.

I love everything these fine young Star Brothers had to say. A lot is about to happen with STAR WARS & X-WING, and the little hints presented here are more interesting to me this time around.

Keep up the great work FFG and thanks to TC for staying on target with these State Of The Game episodes, and all of the other coolness you Bros are able to share with those of us out here in The Outer Rim.

 Boss out!