Monday, September 30, 2013


I have been wanting to make several large models for X-WING. I have spent the last two months thinking about it and I have chosen my first trio of large scale projects. One Capitol Ship for The Alliance, and The Empire and the first of many Space Stations and Satellites, an Alliance Space Station.

I wanted to build a Nebulon B Frigate, of course, for my first Alliance ship, but I do not trust our friends at Fantasy Flight Games. They are in love with X-WING, just like we are. Due to FFG's enthusiasm and their recent Fleet Preview, I am about 90% positive that an official Neb B model will be previewed or released at some point in 2014. They made the Blockade Runner after all and a NebBie is not that much larger, so they are very likely going to make it too. With that stated, I feel equally certain that FFG will NOT make an Alliance Assault Frigate, which is a huge Capital Ship.

I am allowing myself almost complete freedom with these special large projects. I have a good storage system set up now and I mean to make the most of it, this is all in fun after all. Right? RIGHT!

I love the look of The Mark II. My build of this excellent design will not be exact, but rather an inspired design that I am calling a MARK III Assault Frigate. I will not be making this model to scale for obvious reasons, but I can make it large enough to look awesome on my 4x6' table.

Cheers to BullDogUK who posted his work at the FFG X-WING Forum, and in part has inspired me to get my modeling tools and plasticard hot again.


In my next related article, I will layout the major components, and general plans for this project. I have some cool model parts and specific modeling materials on order now from several online merchants, all of which should be delivered to me in the next two weeks...


Boss out!