Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I am all in with the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA STARSHIP BATTLES game and thus will do what I normally do, which is to get cool backdrop models for my larger game scenarios. I started with opening a Eaglemoss (USA) BATTLESTAR COLLECTION! 
😊 $20 Bucks well spent!

If you want to follow me into The Deep Nerd Space now is a good time to get your own wonderful Galactica model at the very special subscription offer price! This IS a must have item in my view! The extra huge delight here for me (and others i'm sure...) is that he Eaglemoss BSG Collection allows us to play a wonderful looking EPIC Scale Game with ease! Soon we will finally have Colonial and Cylon Capitol Ships in scale!

Just look at the other cool models coming from Eaglemoss in future issues: 
Cylon Baseships for both The First and Second Cylon Wars...YAH Baby!

 The Epic Game *Huge Battles* GLORY Is Coming To Our Tables!

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