Monday, November 6, 2017


Like many fellow Star Wars Brothers & Sisters out there in the depths of our earthly space I am already in love with STAR WARS: LEGION. This is the game (after X-WING EPIC) that I have wanted most from fantasy Flight Games! I have been buying the raw materials needed to begin my builds over the last two months and now it is time to get to work!

I love the films of course and the battles presented in most of that eye candy from my youth and from just last year. I do intend to make terrain that looks like what we know from all of this Star Wars Media, of course, however I am not trying to replay battles that have been resolved in the films. I am building my own corner of The Star Wars Universe to adventure and battle in. I have happily settled on making my version of  the very cool Star Wars Land concept, which will be a compilation of what I know and like best from the universe in general. I will share many kits and bits and ideas with you all in the Project Preview.

Getting Ready For LEGION Boss out!