Friday, September 8, 2017


FFG has made the weekend more fun with today's announcement of STAR WARS X-WING WAVE 13! This is THE LAST JEDI film wave and I am pretty sure that it will be that wave Fantasy Flight adds more ships to around X-Mas. They have done that for the ROGUE ONE and FORCE AWAKENS films and there is no reason to think otherwise of their Mouse lunched expansions now.

I love the TIE Silencer and the wacky Rebel Bomber is going to be fun too in my Glorious EPIC Games! Checkout these cool new expansions in the Finish What You Start article!

I think we can expect an A-WING and/or Po Poe's hot new Boosted T-70 X-Wing for The Resistance, and The First Order TIE Bomber in December... or not. This may be the second wave with just two ships like Wave Five... still it is all good.

Boss out!