Thursday, June 29, 2017


Some new goodes full of creep goodness came into the shops this month so I happily grabbed a few things that I have been wanting for awhile now.

The Others NEW Expansions and Mansions Of Madness reprinted Expansion One are now a part of my Horror Collection and I am happy about that... "Come To Me My Lovely Evil Children!"

I hunted down a few more Special Gang Members miniatures for my Eldritch Extreme project. This month's buying has filled in a lot of cool slots for the gangs I am building, and now I need to start getting them all on nice bases, which is why I have a whole bunch of the very good Reaper Display Base packs too.

I have wanted to get these super cool Gothic Building kits for some time now, but like the newly available MOM Expansion they kept me wanting. This month the stars went right and now I have these badass raw goods to build some of my extra special Eldritch Environments. These sets will work particularly well for my Streets Of Arkham (By Night); Haunter Of The Dark, and other cool lonely and treacherous settings.

CREEP Collecting Boss out!