Wednesday, March 29, 2017


TOY TIME AGAIN! This month I am celebrating Spring and so of course went all out and finally got some more of The Biggies that I have wanted for a while. Two BORG Cubes is glorious... FUN Even!

This ugly Blinggon monster never looked good to me... not as a Klingon Ship. As a Romulan BOP however; it is absolutely badass and wonderful!

When I started my Reaper Bones purchases I planned out the forming of certain Gangs. Of course some of the miniatures I wanted had been out of stock at the time. This month everything lined up to get the rest of my Egyptian Gang, so now I can setup an Under The Pyramids adventure for my crazy Eldritch Extreme Horror Gaming!

I even had the nerve to place a nice order of Yamato 2199 and 2202 goodies... cause!

CREEP Boss out!

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