Friday, September 9, 2016


Several cool ROGUE ONE art and toy previews made it to the enterwebs this week. I am always happy to see this stuff show up because it has become a kind of preview of what will come to X-WING and ARMADA. In recent months I have become absolutely positive that MOUSE is going to insure that FFG will always have cool new concepts for them to turn into cool models!

Some people have made comments that they worry about the future of X-WING and ARMADA, but that is just them projecting what they think should be in STAR WARS.

The rest of us that have a clear mind know better. I predict nothing but coolness coming in the future... it is not difficult to see, not at all. Fantasy Flight might even make that dam-glorious EPIC LAND WAR Game... at this point I am starting to believe... lol... Yah!

Keep making the toys Fantasy Flight Games!

Happy Boss out!

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