Monday, February 29, 2016


Good Ole FFG still rocking it! They do a great job replacing these occasional little flubs... as always!

This time they had some trouble. They sent me the wrong X-Wing and it was beat up in a plastic bag. The second time was the charm, as they shipped the right X-Wing in it's protective bubble.

Asmodee is getting things setup here so if you have a bit of lag time don't worry gang, they will send your replacement. It took three weeks to get the right ship in hand, and that is fine as they are transitioning their people and so forth..

Keep up the fine work Customer Service!

Happy Boss out!

Friday, February 26, 2016


FFG posted the Paul Heaver Boba Fett  crew card article today... and it is a fun read, check it out! As a comical side note Wave 8 is supposed to finally be released on March 17th. Oh Boy... Fantasy Flight... Oh Joy!

Boss out!


This month I got a few more of the rarer models that I have wanted for some time. Last months Jem' Hadar Battle Cruiser is joined this month by The Borg Cube. Go STAR TREK GOooo!!! I am going to keep on buying these BIG Trek goodies until I have my Boss' BIG Approved Collection completed this year! I also made a purchase from Shapeways for the first time in a couple of years. I am happy to report that they have improved their service.

Happy Collecting Boss out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


XWingTMG on Reddit has updated and are now using my little Boss STAR WARS Emotes. I like that plenty, and it is cool to see the extra effort at a text heavy page like that.

"I hope everyone likes the change, it's at least cooler looking than our old version.
There are a bunch of new flairs that are in the process of being added but that requires a bunch of typing so they'll roll out over the next day or two.
If you have comments, feedback or suggestions, I'd like to hear them. I went with the larger sized header image for now, it's tough to find images that look good at 1920x196, much less have a cc license.
Speaking of which I need to thank Joe Boss for letting me using his ship sprites, wcm111 for the cool header image and pixelpiper for the footer image (scroll down)."
 by antigrapist

Have fun gang, I will be checking in from time to time with some of my new art and model projects, and I will also now be reading about what you guys are doing too.

 Boss out!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


FFG finally (Ha, Ha!) previewed  Dengar and The Punishing One (JumpMaster 5000) in the very fun to read Payback article!

I am not in love with this ship... but Dengar is cool, and this expansion does bring some very fun and cool new paper to the game... great  job Fantasy Flight!

"We Got The GONK!!!"

Bounty Hunting Boss out!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Well it has been six months and one week since I published my little Emoting Collection Diary, and it is time for an update! The Boss Emote making fun moved into my 30mm miniatures collection in the recent months.
I paint these little star people one pixel at a time; it ain't fine art but it is certainly FUN art. I love that you can see most of my favorite heroes and villains in the game now with their famous and infamous ships!. I have some more of these little  Boss' STAR WARS Emote people to make yet... but this is a good set pictured here in my first update.

It is fun to own such a diverse and cool collection of STAR WARS Toys. I might be kinda good now believe it or not now.
I have nearly 200 ships. It depends of what FFG and Dat MOUSE have in store. Based on the scant new offerings of ships in The Force Awakens, this may be a kinda Meh-year for new stuff.

I will be happy to see The SCUM Huge Ships this year, because we know that The REAL STAR WARS Game is X-Wing EPIC!

I am going to finish up my Boss' BIG Approved Collection this year regardless of what FFG is doing. You can look forward to more TREK Coolness here at B6*R7 this year my Star Brothers!

Happy Collecting & Emoticon Making Boss Out!