Monday, October 26, 2015


Part one of The Boss Video Shop for this project was a fun learning experience for me. I just got Corel Pro video editing uploaded to my machine and started getting half way serious about figuring how to use it this week.

When you watch the video some distortion will appear in the images, because I fooled around and just added some pictures that I had already done into the little gallery at the end of the show. I have that issue figured out now too. The video plays fine, and from now on my images will look right too in future projects.

I am showing some of the cleanup here because I did not want to have these images stretched out and wacky. The gallery in the video is things my regular B6*R7 Bros have seen in other articles already. I'll get better with the videos.

One of the things that had to go on the gun was a huge block of caution and warning text. I have always used razors to cut most of this down. it is a trick that I learned years ago and it works great. Basically you oil the surface and just shave off the raised text. This works for any unwanted detail, if it is not to high off the main surface area.

After most of the text was trimmed down almost flat i gave the area a firm sanding with a basic rubber block hand sander. I used rough at first and worked down to fine. It came out as clean as a new plate.

The main body is very nice now and ready for all kinds of detailing, after I wash it up real good.

The nose is going to be pretty badass when I am done. The top is going to house a ram (for boarding actions) and all kinds of guns. Soon the HUTT Fleet will be a mighty force.

More to come...


Hutt Art

Jo'Bos'Kah The HUTT out!