Wednesday, February 28, 2018


This month I got a lot of fun models that I have wanted, but as is often the case when I had my mind and money on them they decided to be cute and be out of stock. Be that as it may: it is fun to chase down the beloved toys!!!

I am building up my STAR WARS: LEGION Terrain, but that does not mean this new kid in town is going to get all of my money and attention. I have finally got the first very nice large Mansions Of Madness Expansion and some badass trees and houses to go with my Eldritch Horror Terrain. I have wanted the crazy cool little Murder Of Crows set too, but as I stated above this was one of the sneakiest miniatures sets that had been out of stock for months. I love that during that time Reaper released their excellent new Scarecrow to go with the Murder. I also snuck in another set of Walking Dead Zombies. I love these Walker Expansions because they often look like Southerners which I plan to have populating Dunwich and Louisiana Environments.

I have a lot more Legion Terrain Goodies in this month. I am working on a lot of cool HUTT Cartel Terrain and part of that is a Hutt Patrol Fighter and Hutt Lord's Skiff, and Jet Bikes. These Hutt Lord vehicles will be made over the Dark Eldar models, with other items such as Bandai Gunpla parts and other bits.
I have a great need to have at least a few Jawa in my Cartel, and grabbed the cool little Star Wars Battle Pack set loose at a great deal price. I am happy! These little guys are 54MM Scale but the smaller fellows will work in Legion as the large Jawa we see leading bands of the smaller critters.
I am not sure what I am going to do with the TIE Interceptor; crash it or use it on an Imperial base setup.

Of course I got some more good items to detail my Hutt and Boss' Star Wars Land buildings. I am using the beads and bead fittings as cool ornate lamps like the ones we see in the better Star Wars films. The Tamiya Clear Paints are for other lighting and texture effects.

This was a good month of Glorious Collecting. Next month is all LEGION... of course.

Happy Collecting Boss out!