Saturday, January 6, 2018


Back in the day I called a few models correctly based on FFG Art and common sense speculation for The STAR WARS X-WING Game. Now that LEGION is all shiny and cool and new I am in the mood to see if I can call a few possible models for this wonderful large scale game.

We all know that FFG wants to compete with GW's 40K. I can see a nice clunky but lovable and badass CR-25 Troop Transport coming for the STAR WARS: LEGION game this year. Think Thunderhawks... in Star Wars. If GW can do this kind of game enhancing model then there is no reason why Fantasy Flight can't make it happen!

I feel like this type of Huge Expansion could fit into Legion perfectly and be less difficult to package than a AT-AT Expansion. It is going to be fun to see what happens with STAR WARS: LEGION this year!

Legioner Boss out!