Friday, August 5, 2016


Fantasy Flight Games made their presence known in a great BIG way this year at GEN CON!


Fantasy Flight Games announced their forthcoming updated version of an old classic that I have always loved; DOOM! I am going to get this game... it is just to cool to ignore. This is going to be the first 30MM Miniatures Game that I have owned since 2000... it is time for something cool in The Battle Parlor other than all of my beloved spaceships.

A lot of cool little news items for X-WING WAVE NINE showed up; like all of the dials and other details. My take on it is that: FFG is down-playing ACE-Wing and way upping the actual FUN OF X-WING.


We got a ton of happy news for The STAR WARS Spaceship Games today... Wow Just Wow!!! I absolutely love all of X-WING WAVE Ten (admittedly the silly QJ is kinda ... well we'll see how it works out)!
I have wanted The Ren-BAT for a while now, and as you may know I picked up optional models for it, which have been fun to have. Now that the larger better official version of the Epsilon Shuttle is coming that makes me extremely happy!

ARMADA Wave V is super cool. I mean who does not want to get more Squadrons and and another set of the wonderful REBELS Ships. Great work Fantasy Flight! I think the complaining assholes can go cry in a corner; because everything we are seeing now is nothing but on point with The MODERN Cannon and will make both of these excellent games better in a number of interesting ways!

I think that (minus a SCUM HUGE Ship - which may still show up later this year) the first half of GEN CON care of Fantasy Flight Games was just awesome. I am thinking about adding The Mansions Of Madness to my buy list too now after all of the fun expansions sets got previewed late in the day.

Awesomeness Gang!

Happy Boss out!