Friday, July 29, 2016


I am happily continuing to pay off my New DELL and Monitor, but I can still sneak in a few other goodies, and this month I got some cool Micro Machines for STAR WARS ARMADA & X-WING.

I went to Wally World and strolled into the toy section for the first time since X-Mas. Sure enough there was some goodies waiting for me. The First Order Star Destroyer Playset had been reduced to $4.97... Glory of Glory; I got two... dammit!
These are nice sets for ARMADA as this huge toy is in scale with the other Imperial Ships. The fun little X-Wings and TIE Fo Fo's are going to be cool for making several 3D Derbies Tokens!

Final GLORY; way in the back of the ship racks there was one BLACK Upsilon Shuttle... that had prolly been left there for months. I had to grab that baby up! Now I have The Black Astral-bat and The Bone Reaver all up in my First Order Fleet!

Of course I already have The BOSS Emote done for all of these babies... cause.

Happy Boss out!