Thursday, December 10, 2015


SHUT UP AND BE HAPPY... that is what the new See The Movie, Fly The Ships article is very politely saying, and I agree with FFG on this one! The forums have been broiling at various states of ridiculous intensity since Fantasy Flight announced they are making a full range of glorious FORCE AWAKENS ( and beyond) products for X-WING.
Many very cool people; veterans of the FFG Forum, have been upset by the drive-by attacks on Fantasy Flight over the recent months, and some good Wingers that I considered buddies are no longer active there as a result of this Internet stupidity.

It amuses me that some people are genuinely mad about the new X-WING core set, and all of the cool new ships which will be released in 2016. These hateful old curmudgeon poops just need to shut the fuck up and chill. Hey ass wholes go back to 40k or better yet... 

Now you guys know that I am a big teddy bear, and I am NOT mad to much about this behavior, because it happens and the thing to do is add the jerks to your ignore list and continue to enjoy the hobby with your fellow Star Brothers in peace. I just found it brave and more than a little bold for FFG to politely address the hate they have had shot at them over this.
I know a good bit about the company and the people in charge, and they are all cool, and talented and they do not deserve to be attacked by resentful idiots. It is what it is, and all we real members of the STAR WARS FAMILY can do is stay chill and be one with The Force... harmonious-like.

What's Coming For The New SCUM...?!

You just know the haters are furious by this taunting (very CUTE) image... I think it is hilarious and cool, and I am more than happy to wait and see what good ole FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES makes for us in the coming months and years... The Force Is Strong with them!

Happily Amused Boss out!

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