Thursday, October 29, 2015


How about that FORCE AWAKENS? This month I got my glorious brand new STAR WARS X-WING THE FORCE AWAKENS CORE SETS...  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! All Dat Loveliness... Boss' heart aches with joys!

I almost know how to use my nice new Corel Pro video editing software now after tinkering with it for the last few weeks. You fine Star Brothers of mine can expect regular videos for all of my diaries and projects. This is the first official (LOL!) Boss Shop Collection Diary; just in time for my favorite holiday season.

From now on all of the Collection Diary goodies will be pictured within the videos, except for a nice featured image to head each article. I found that I can share much higher quality pictures for you to peep down by including them in these nice 1080P HD video-joints. I hope you enjoy the new style.

Take care my friends!

 Boss out!