Monday, June 29, 2015


Fantasy Flight proves yet again that they are serious about making cool Expansions for X-WING.  Check out the new awesome-bomb-sauce in today's SLAM And Bomb article.

The K-Wing is an oddball ship according to some crybabies, but for me all I can see is a cool and a very classic heavy bomber... and I love it. The last time this much cool new paper for the game was released it came in Most Wanted... whats not to love?

Bombing Boss out!


This month I was able to get a few of the thus far elusive main Ships of The Line for BBA STAW, and the core fighters for X-Wing. I even got a couple of cute little star fighter expansions for Armada too!

I have all of the main fighters up to the six to ten mark now, for my X-Wing EPIC collection. Dat EPIC Glory, it is just to much fun... my wonderful Star Babies!
I have been putting Armada off until Wave II hits, but when I noticed that the new Fighter Expansions have been selling fast, I decided I better at least grab a set of each. They are very cool I think, and I can certainly see why people are buying them up!  I will be making it a STAR WARS ARMADA X-MAS.

These Eaglemoss ships are of course in scale for BBA STAW and they are all just about awesome. I have been kinda waiting for them to get released and all be in stock at Entertainment Earth. This month that happened, so I grabbed up four and saved on the shipping cost. It is always fun to get free shipping.

Happy Star Wars Trekking Boss out!

Friday, June 26, 2015


I have been keeping my eye on this relatively new product range, and waiting for the good people at Bandai to get the BIG Four done; X-Wing, Y-Wing, TIE Advanced, and TIE Fighter. Check out the current range at Bandai's STAR WARS Hobby Site.

Bandai just announced the glory that is the forthcoming Y-Wing kit, which doggedly follows the recent TIE Fighter release. Now we can actually set up a super cool display from the one and only masterpiece that is STAR WARS!

Some of us who are extra ridiculous just might play some classic New Hope battles on a grander scale too...

Boss out!

Monday, June 22, 2015


Fantasy Flight previewed The Kihraxz Fighter Expansion, which is the second Scum & Villainy ship, in their Lightening Reflexes article today! I absolutely love this Evil X-Wing... what a badass ship!

This is my favorite Small Based SCUM Ship in the game thus far. It has the look, and the stats to make it standout on any table IMO. There you are, you BAMF(s) you!

Great work Fantasy Flight Games.You guys managed to make a newer and slightly better version of this class of fighter, and insured that it would feel completely original with it's S&V Elicits options.

I have got to get a dozen of this expansion; six for my Hutts and six for my Rim Wraiths.

Yeah... I need a dozen at least!

Happy SCUM Boss out!

Monday, June 15, 2015


Fantasy Flight previewed Bossk and his Hound's Tooth today in their Any Means Necessary article. We see other goodies of course but we all want Bossk... everything else is extra gravy for our Wookie Steaks, I should think.

I like this expansion! It is going to be a lot of fun being able to have some special scenarios with The BIG Three Bounty Hunters! It is a long time coming, but Fantasy Flight is continuing their quality, and that is a very good thing!

SCUM Boss out!

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Fantasy Flight posted their Interceptors and Autothrusters article this week, and it is pretty cool. If you missed this one you might enjoy the strategy presented here.

Autothrusters can be used by every faction if you have the appropriate ships.This is a fun little topic and if you have not tried AT's yet you will get some good information in this article... check it out.

Boss out!

Saturday, June 6, 2015


May's Collection Diary was geared towards advancing this project. Now I have just about everything I need to get the first two Huge Ships going. I spent this week getting everything organized and ready to build these cool models. In the last few months I also got some things that I wanted to gear up my other EPIC projects. Now that I have all of these cool parts I am almost ready to get started again on these older builds.
I have done a lot of window shopping research to get the best options and parts to do a credible job with the detailing of all these models.

I am not a fan of homemade plasticard parts for fine detailing. Now that I know what is out there with newer GW Bits I feel good about bringing my Mandalorian Ships back onto the work bench too, along with my new Huge Mando ship project which will be based off that crazy Rattler gun.

I intend to get a whole lot of cool stuff done over the next few months while the good spray painting weather last.

The Hutt Patrol Corvette (HPC) is a fun ship concept, and I would like it even if I was not the crazy modeling guy that came up with it. This is going to be the main badass-battler for my Hutts. I am going to have a few cool rules for the HPC; including heavy turrets and a ramming prow, for the front gear as seen on the lead battleship in the Hutt painting I am basing my ship on.

 There is going to be a lot of fun in this one...

The Rim Wraith Banshee Escort is the little badass of the Wraith fleet. Think of a Rebel Transport that can actually fight; almost as hard as it's bigger counterparts.

More to come...



EPIC SCUM Boss out!