Monday, December 29, 2014


I hope everyone had a good holiday, and got some fun toys. I did. Here is my Christmas Loot... and BREAKFAST.

With the new rules for the TIE Advanced I grabbed up a second expansion, with a pair of TIE Fighters. A few days after I paid for them they all went out of stock, which is hilarious to me. I am happy to get the first copies of Wave Five too, it is great to have these Large Ships in my collection!

I added a few alternates for some of the important characters, because I am a nerd about some things. I needed a younger Luke for the Falcon crew, and I also wanted a more badass Vader to field with the new improved TIE Advanced. I also managed to find miniatures for the complete crew of the new YT-2400. I added several cool aliens for SCUM too... which is great fun!

I have completed my collection of fun faction specific colored mats and started my colored bases this month. When I start my Battle Parlor Videos you will see how I use them, it is kinda cool, I think. I picked up a few more STAW Expansions too. I am just about caught up with all of the releases now.

Breakfast is an inside joke we share at the FFG Forum; thus behold the power of over-easy eggs, badass toast, sweet maple oatmeal, ham, and glorious crispy bacon!

Happy Boss out!