Saturday, November 29, 2014


This month I got my storage set up a little better with a second Iris Craft Cart. These granny-racks are very nice for miniatures collections. This is the same rack system that I purchased for the Battle Parlor a few months back.

Now that I know this is an awesome rack system I got a second. The six cases are perfect for my collection. You can fit 48 small based ships on a single peg in each case. The cases are hinged and have a sturdy latch to keep them closed and keep your models immune to dust and so forth.
You can also store Large and Huge ships in these cases.  I am happy to have two of these units now; one for my STAR WARS ships, and one for my STAR TREK ships! DAT Glory!

I finally broke down and got caught up on most of the STAW Expansions this month... cause.

I have a few more ATTACK WING Expansions to get to bring my collection up to date. Since I have focused more on getting the crazy Boss' BIG Approved models in my Parlor, these ships have been waiting for me to get to them, for the official rules and tokens. I can and will use a few of them in the BBA fleets, and the rest are happily going into my Backdrop collections.

Trekkie Boss out!