Monday, September 29, 2014


I have my EPIC Collection set up nicely as of this month with a pair of Tantive IV Expansions to go with my pair of Transport Expansions.

Looking ahead a bit to Scum & Villainy I got a pair of the crappy-ole-crows, which will soon become magnificently evil Dark Phoenix! I even grabbed up cute little versions of the Tantive as well as one of my Mandalorian Assault Carriers, to be used in my Backdrop rules, which keep track of reinforcements and so forth. Funny enough these little models are almost in relative scale... you have to love it!

I now have enough Rebel Huge Ships. These wonderful expansions with my MARK III (once I have it built), and one more Transport I have to buy yet, gives me a six ship Epic Rebel fleet. That is good for me; until FFG releases something new for the Alliance of course.

I have been meaning to upgrade the parts for the MARK III, as I have shown in Part 2 of the project, the other nice bits I got will help a great deal too; a new scriber, and all kinds of neat magnets, so that the model can be taken apart for storage.

I have also been meaning to get a nice binder for my extra cards, and a few more modeling tool, all of which are taken care of now. I even snuck in a second Dracidizar, because who doesn't love space dragons, after all!
The crazy black parade gloves are for handling the models when I start making my Boss' Battle Parlor videos...

Boss out!