Thursday, May 29, 2014


This was a cool month for my Boss' BIG Approved STAW Collection. I found many of the choice large models I have been wanting since I began my BBA project, particularly Klingon and Romulan ships, at a reasonable price.

 Federation & Allies

I picked up some additional ships that I already have, like the Defiant and Excelsior classes. My Federation Allies have another Vulcan Cruiser, which is always nice to see IMO. The Bajorans also got a trio of new battle barges...Go little Miss Kira...Ha, Ha! I needed more than one of these babies for larger games...of course.

The new Federation lovely this month is that Boba Fett of a ship!
The background filling, often blown to bits, always hard to find in 1/2500 scale, and rarely in stock: the glorious Akira!

This is the first Eaglemoss ship I have in my collection. It is funny that it took me so long to get any of these fine models in the new series from this company. The ships that I want have been either ridiculously expensive or out of stock everywhere I have looked since February. I started the BBA project partly because of these I finally have two of them, and there are more that fit our BBA scale coming!


The wonderful Klingon Battle Cruiser ornaments have been out of stock for a while, even at Hallmark's site. They have been going for about $65 on average on eBay. I found a pair of them, which covers this awesome ship for my collection, for less than $80 delivered...I am happy. I also got a reasonable price on the infamous Elite Attack Di, and that even more elusive B'rel BOP ship card.


I was bad this month.
I was greedy and insane.
I bought not just a second, but a second and third Warbird... Ahh!
Do I need three of these huge models, even on a nice 4x6' table?!
When I find these classics in NIB and NM condition for only $50 delivered for the wonderful pair of them!
I should be ashamed of myself...but I ain't!

I do believe I have Klingon Battle Cruisers and Romulan Warbirds!


The second Eaglemoss ship in my collection is the awesome Battle Cruiser. This model is not in scale, for our BBA upgrade, but I got it anyway because I want to make some alternate ships to use for the faction.
I am absolutely buying the excellent Federation Models resin version of this ship, which is in scale. This neat little version is going to be as cool a model I think, once I get it converted into a Light Battle Cruiser.
For my games this is just as valid IMO as using the large and small BOP's for the Klingons, as different classes of similarly designed craft.
I got a trio of the lovable Attack Ships too...because I need ten... at least ten!


I got a second Death Star to convert into a Borg Sphere. This is a great looking model, and the perfect starting point for a Borg styled ship. I am going to finish the Destroyer Cube first before I start this one.  I think the Sphere will be a lot of fun, with less work involved and about as much reward after the build is completed.

Other Assimilated Ships are on my list too, and these odd (to my collection) models will work fine for conversions. I already have my Warbirds, and plan to use the cute Warbird in the Adversaries set to make a Romulan Kerchan. My Klingon BOPs are covered also with my diecast ships, and so on. I purchased these models solely for future conversion projects.

An Assimilated BOP is a must have item.

Now that I have focused four months of my resources on Boss' BIG STAW Babies, I have enough models and rules stuff to have some real fun I think.

I still need to get more models of course, such as Dominion and Klingon large ships, but that can wait for a bit. Right now I want to continue work on the Borg and get my BBA Bases and some other things taken care of.
Also FFG has gone crazy and is finally releasing a lot of wonderful X-WING goodies...Ha, Ha!

Next month I am going to get back to work on my STAR WARS & X-WING Collection...

Trekkie Boss out!