Sunday, January 12, 2014


Bandai will likely make new models for The Earth Defense Forces if YAMATO 2199 Series 2 is made. Based on how well YAMATO 2199 Series 1 has been received, this is probably going to happen in 2015. I will buy everything that is made in 1/1000 scale of course, but these classic non-scale and 1/7000 scale models will work just fine until then. I may keep these models as early versions of the new ships, or mess them up gloriously to use as huge debris fields if (when...Ha!) the new Bandai toys come forth to us.

By the way my friends, if you are weary of ordering from Japan, do not worry about it, and keep in mind that you will save from 25% to 50% off from Hobby Link Japan in most cases. I paid $75 (includes EMS tracking) for the twenty five models pictured above, where as just the large version of The Andromeda is priced at thirty to sixty dollars here in the states and that is if you hunt a bit for it. These are all the older classic models granted, but the brand new models are also 10% to 25% off or more. If you are building fleets as I am, then ordering from Japan is the way to go.

Note: if you are not schooled on the Bandai Mini Kits, many of them come with two models in the same package, or have a cool little extra plane or something else you will probably like.

Boss out.