Sunday, October 13, 2013


I managed to get the wonderful Alliance Star Destroyer model this month at a reasonable price. Now I can cut it up and totally ruin it...Ha, Ha!

I do not have to much else to show my like-minded friends here in terms of other raw components for this model build because most of the new sections will all be cut from Plasticard.

Customs Frigates according to my research, typically do not carry fighters in their docks because these ships are not large enough for that sort of operation. They do however often carry assault troopers for boarding actions.
I decided it would be cool to have a few ships anyway, but carried in an under carriage system that I will build with Plastic rod. In my Epic Games I am going to have ships like my Striker attacking bases and chasing down medium and large targets. In these special operations it is entirely appropriate to have a few Tie Interceptors and a couple of Tie Bombers involved.

This model will not be as hard to build as my current  Alliance Projects, but it is going to be just as much fun, and it will make a great centerpiece for many thematic games!

Imperial Boss out.