Thursday, October 3, 2013


I am going to build an even half dozen Space Stations and Satellites for my X-WING Terrain. I have decided to start with one of the large station models, this will allow me to quickly incorporate a nice objective into my story centric battles,  as my fleets grow.

I would love to build a large space station to scale, but that would take up my entire storage area, i can however build a very nice station that will be large enough to look good on the table.

My approach to making these large stations is to build the important components then arrange them to taste, based on game scenarios.

1: Command Center & Sensory Array
2: Ship Bays & Crew Barracks
3: Supply Depot & Tankers

To compliment my Space Stations I am going to make some Alliance and Imperial Pilots and Zero-G Troopers. With these models I can take my Epic Battles and Scenario Games to a whole new level of strategic diversity.

The models are going to be very close to true scale with the FFG Ships, which means that I
am going to have to really work at making them look good, but it will be cool to have these in my collection, and worth the effort I think.

I am basing the Zero-G sculptures on Rebel Commandos and and a newer version of the Zero-G Stormtroopers.

Boss out.