Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I stated in my first Collection Diary article that I had made my initial FFG purchases with no intention of playing X-WING, but after FFG released The Falcon, that was the tipping point for me. I am very happy that I choose to start playing this game. I have a lot of plans for my collection, it is all very fun really.

I purchased the Kenner Blockade Runner from Ebay, in fact I opened a new account last month, after being away from Ebay for 15 years, just to start buying rare and large Star Wars collectibles.
Of course a week after I received my wonderful Tantive, FFG posted images of their Official Model, along with the Transport, which I had in my Ebay watch list too...Ha,Ha!
I am going to do a serious Boss Build with the Tantive in 2014, once I have The Official  X-WING Version...

The tiny bagged ships pictured above are of course from the Star Wars Monopoly Game. I am going to use some of these tokens as tiny Backdrop ships, while the bulk will facilitate one of my house rules for thematic gaming. When a pilot kills an enemy fighter or assist in taking down a larger ship I will place an appropriate ship token with their pilot information. These will count towards skill advancement. The adorable Rebel Transport is another of my Backdrop ship, one of the few good castings from the Wiz Kidz range.

Boss out.